Who We Are

We are experienced, passionate and award-winning professionals who have worked with a variety of successful organizations. We have developed strategies and planning techniques that increase reputations, brand awareness, financial impact and community involvement.

We are intentional.

Our Vision

We create a better tomorrow working together for a greater purpose.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations get from where they are to where they want to be.

Our Guiding Principles

1. We are better together. Collaboration is key.
2. Be unconventional. Do things differently, take chances and look at situations through a different lens.
3. Lasting change requires capacity. We don't want to just do the fishing for you. We want to teach you how to fish.
4. Insights inform action. We love good information and don't believe decisions can be made without it.
5. Challenges create opportunities. We are creators and builders of new ways to do business and life.

Meet the team.

We are builders, creators, and collaborators working with clients to build capacity in their organizations through a variety of services and support.

Lori Dickinson Black

Lori  has a unique skill set in that she not only knows the ins and outs of management, but she has the artistic/technical skills to create all the marketing collateral and campaigns for an organization. Lori is a seasoned leader and skilled presenter. She is passionate about supporting organizations to build capacity to fulfill their missions.

Robert Black

Vice President, Food Services
Robert is an accomplished restauranteur and chef who has worked in all facets of the food service industry. He can develop a menu just as easily as creating a business pro forma, managing  IT services, analyzing costs, or conducting employee training for multiple restaurants. He's passionate about food and the experiences found by all in food service.

Chris McCabe

Associate, Food Services
Chris has worked in some of the best restaurants in New York and Oklahoma.  His creativity with a menu and focused attention to detail in the kitchen produces impressive results. Chris' easy-going style also endears him to restauranteurs as well as back of house and front of house staff.